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fashion ideas, straight body shape, pear body shape

How to dress for your pear or straight body shape?

Each body shape requires different styling. Many women make the mistake of not buying the right type of clothes that will suit their body shape. The clothes have the power to flaunt your figure and style, but they can easily make you look completely different than you are. To wear the clothes properly, and for them to serve their purpose of flaunting your curves and hiding your flaws, you must dress according to your body shape. If you are one of the women with pear body shapes or straight body shapes, we have prepared 3 styling suggestions for you to get inspired. Have a look!

Wide sleeved TOP + pencil skirt
Pear body shape

The combination of a wide-sleeved top and a pencil skirt accents the curves and shows the body in its original pear body shape. The disbalance in the upper and lower body part can easily be blended with the styling and clothes. To achieve that, the wide-sleeved top adds just enough volume to the sides. The sleeves become wider as they reach the wrists. The pencil skirt with a high waist focuses on the other part of the body. It gives the torso a nice line, reaches the knees and creates a perfect balance between both parts of the body. The top is best to be worn tucked inside the skirt. Model is wearing the Flys top and the Arys skirt.

Long-sleeved top + high-waisted A-line midi skirt straight body shape

body shape, straight body shape, fashion ideas

Bringing some trendiness of the midi skirts to the straight body type can easily be reached by choosing a skirt with an A-line cut. It defines the waist as instantly opens up to the sides. It gives volume to the lower part of the body and it is best paired with a straight but comfortable long-sleeved shirt. This combination is suggested to be worn with the shirt tucked in the skirt. It goes very well both with heels and sneakers. She is wearing the Lolys skirt and the Lyl jumper.

Loose style top + pleated pants
straight body shape

straight body shape, body shape, fashion ideas

When it comes to wearing trousers, women with straight body shape should accent their hips are. This means either wearing high-waisted pants or pleated trousers. The second one might work better if you are not a fan of tucking the tops in. The volume the pleated trousers provide and the slim leg goes well with an oversized top. They complement nicely and give the silhouette curves and nicely shaped lines. Model is wearing Lois pants and Kynys top.

All of these pieces and many more you can find at AdelaYdi. Inspire yourself and get dress as you deserve!