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cupro, eco-friendly fabric, ecological fabric

Cupro, an eco-friendly fabric

Cupro is a new eco-friendly fabric from the recycling of cotton or cellulose. It is made from a natural by-product of cotton, where tiny silky fibers stick to the cotton seeds after the textile production. Instead of throwing out leftover material, producing cupro makes it possible to use a larger percentage of cotton – making the fabric eco-friendly. The fabric is named after the cuprammonium compound used in the technical regeneration of fibers. Cupro is a technical fabric made from the all-natural cotton plant.

It is a soft fiber with a high durability, similar to lyocell or tencel, and also similar in touch to silk, which is perfect for people with allergies to certain acrylic or polyester fabrics.
It is antistatic, it does not produce that static electricity that is generated with chemical fiber fabrics, so it is breathable and allows the body to develop its vital functions normally.
Fresh and effective for summer when temperatures increase, and regulating body temperature in the coldest months.

Due to its incredible characteristics, we use this fabric for many of our creations.