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Make a short bias tape


Make a short bias tape

The bias of a piece of fabric is the diagonal of this fabric in relation to its two directions (warp and weft). The edges of a piece of fabric are called selvages. The warp threads are parallel to the selvages and the threads of the weft are perpendicular to the selvages.

To make your bias tape you need to cut a strip of fabric in a diagonal direction in order to use it. The bias is found at 45º in relation to the warp and weft.

Fabric is more flexible and elastic on the bias. A bias tape allows us to edge a piece of fabric with curves due to its ability to follow the seam without the danger of becoming stiff or wrinkling the fabric.

*    means the right side of the fabric.
*    means the wrong side of the fabric.

*Draw 2 rectangles, following the bias of the fabric (1). You can fold the fabric as shown in the diagram, the visible diagonal represents the bias of the fabric. If you need a bias of 1.9 cms, the width of your bias needs to measure 1.9×2=3.8cms and the length should be as required. This should then be cut to the desired length (2).

*With the two rectangles put right side to right side together (3), draw the diagonal as shown in the photograph and sew over it (4).

*Open the bias tape (4) and cut off the excess tape (5).

*Now that we have a strip of bias, we need to fold it. There are two ways of doing this:

 1  First

In order to do this you need a funned like the one shown in the photo. There are many different sizes. You need to insert the fabric into the widest part, pushing it using a pin or something similar so that it comes out the other side, you need to iron it at the same time. The your bias tape is now ready for use.


2  Second

You only need an iron. You need to iron it as you go along following the instructions. Fold the bias strip in 2 (1),then  fold each half (2). Lastly  fold everything (3). Your bias strip is now ready for use.