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Gathering fabric


Gathering fabric

Gathering: small pleats obtained by folding fabric or sliding it along a piece of thread to reduce the width or fullness of the fabric.

 means the right side of the fabric.

*  means the other side of the fabric.


Example­: a skirt draped over the front half.

 *In order to be able to gather properly, the pieces of fabric to be gathered need two lines of stitching on the right side of the fabric. (1). Use a sufficiently long stitch length (5/6) to gather the fabric, the thicker the fabric, the longer the stitch length required (2). It is a good idea to carry out some tests first. To facilitate gathering make sure that the thread used is strong enough so as not to break when pulled.


*Place the fabric which is going to be gathered onto the piece of fabric it is going to be sewed (3) (which corresponds to the length of the gathered fabric). If your model has reference points/marking for the gathering mark these points using pins placed vertically in order to distribute the gathers evenly (4).


*To gather evenly, you should pull the top two threads towards you (5) in order to distribute the gathers. Once the gathers are evenly distributed, iron then hold the fabric in place using pins/fabric clips (6) and sew (7). Finally remove the two lines of thread used to perform the gathering.