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Clever Fashion Ideas to Look Slimmer

Every woman wants to look slimmer and show off her exclusive, handmade fashion items at their best. With that in mind, here are 5 tips to look thinner.

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Handmade Fashion: Luxurious Yet Ethical

When looking for that elusive timeless piece, nothing can beat a luxury fashion item, and handmade is being increasingly sought after. There are undoubtedly many benefits to purchasing handmade fashion, not least of which is the way it is produced. Smaller workshops provide a limited range of items, nothing mass-produced, thus adding to their exclusivity. Handmade clothing is typically crafted from the highest quality fabrics, sparing no attention to detail.

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summer outfits

Summer is always a time to feel free, be happy, and enjoy the sunshine. More importantly, you need to be prepared by having the right summer outfit in your closet. While there are different choices to help you get by, here are a few fashion ideas that will not only make you feel comfortable but will also give you a fashionable look.

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How to dress for your pear or straight body shape?

Each body shape requires different styling. Many women make the mistake of not buying the right type of clothes that will suit their body shape. The clothes have the power to flaunt your figure and style, but they can easily make you look completely different than you are. To wear the clothes properly, and for them to serve their purpose of flaunting your curves and hiding your flaws, you must dress according to your body shape. If you are one of the women with pear body shapes or straight body shapes, we have prepared 3 styling suggestions for you to get inspired. Have a look!

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treat yourself

We know how difficult it can be to find clothes that fit our size. With standardization of sizes, morphological differences are not taken into account. Some women have wide hips, others narrow or a larger waist when others have it very thin. Because of these differences, a pair of trousers, a dress or a skirt needs some touch-ups to fit the body perfectly. 

As all our clothes are created in our workshop in San Sebastian, in Spain, we can offer made to measure women clothes.

made-to-measure clothes

Custom-made clothing

Fashion and style are dynamic, and so are the people that embody them. Women’s bodies vary, regardless of the various terms, sizes, and shapes that group them together. In as much as women try to shop based on their body shapes and sizes, there might still be some discrepancies when they order ready-made clothes online or buy them from stores.

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Cupro, an eco-friendly fabric

Cupro is a new eco-friendly fabric from the recycling of cotton or cellulose. It is made from a natural by-product of cotton, where tiny silky fibers stick to the cotton seeds after the textile production. Instead of throwing out leftover material, producing cupro makes it possible to use a larger percentage of cotton – making the fabric eco-friendly. The fabric is named after the cuprammonium compound used in the technical regeneration of fibers. Cupro is a technical fabric made from the all-natural cotton plant.